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Celebrations new baby with flowers gifts

Because: During Valentines season the flower whole price will raise 200% or more.
We have to raise our price:(delivery date on)
Feb. 9th to 10th: Raise 20%
Feb.11th to 12th: Raise 30%
Feb. 13th to 16th: Raise 50%
Feb. 17th to 19th: Raise 20%

New Baby Cloth Box(boy)
ID:anb01      US$ 47.94
New Baby Cloth Box(girl)
ID:anb02      US$ 47.94
New Baby Cloth Cake(boy)
ID:anb03      US$ 55.14
New Baby Cloth Cake(girl)
ID:anb04      US$ 55.14
New Baby Disney Toys Box(A)
ID:anb05      US$ 59.94
New Baby Disney Toys Box(B)
ID:anb06      US$ 59.94
Full of Joy Basket
ID:af110810      US$ 83.94
Gerbera Lily Pink Basket
ID:af110805      US$ 59.94
12 Colors Gerbera in Vase
ID:af110802      US$ 47.94
Best Wishes
ID:af092803      US$ 83.94
Fill with Love
ID:af092801      US$ 71.94
Warm Wish
ID:af092126      US$ 83.94
Pink Lily in Vase,a sunshine morning
ID:af092107      US$ 59.94

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