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Jewellery are the favorite gifts for girl. Our Jewellery are all specially selected and rare one.We send it through express service. It will take 3 to 5 days to arrive.

Because: During Valentines season the flower whole price will raise 200% or more.
We have to raise our price:(delivery date on)
Feb. 9th to 10th: Raise 20%
Feb.11th to 12th: Raise 30%
Feb. 13th to 16th: Raise 50%
Feb. 17th to 19th: Raise 20%

Pearl Silver Necklace(White)
ID:ajp06      US$ 47.94
Pearl Silver Necklace(Round)
ID:ajp08      US$ 47.94
Pearl Earring(White)
ID:ajp09      US$ 47.94
Two-row Pearl Bracelet
ID:ajp10      US$ 59.94
Pearl Necklace
ID:ajp12      US$ 71.94
Three-row Pearl Necklace
ID:ajp16      US$ 131.94

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